Funding priorities

The funding spectrum is broadly based and designed to last. The focus is on supporting children and young people.

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Funding will start in January 2024.

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Promoting equal opportunities

By providing easy access and the opportunity to participate independently of social and societal factors in areas such as education, we promote equal opportunities and are globally and inclusively oriented. We aim to ensure that these opportunities are not reserved for the few who come from privileged backgrounds.

International and intercultural understanding

We stand for an open, tolerant and fair society, which we help to develop on various levels for the benefit of all. The basis for this is intercultural exchange, which enables young people to experience each other’s cultures and ways of life, because after all, communication encourages interest and mutual understanding, and ultimately even prevents conflicts.

The statutes also allow for the following areas of support:

Civic engagement

We promote civic involvement that serves a charitable and benevolent purpose.

Disasters and civil protection

We aim to provide both active help in the event of a disaster, as well as supporting prevention projects that help and protect people.

Promotion of health and welfare

We support projects and initiatives that improve and promote health and welfare in society.