Funding priorities

The funding spectrum is broadly based and designed to last. The focus is on supporting children and young people.

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Promoting equal opportunities

By providing easy access and a fairer opportunity to participate, we are improving equal opportunities across Europe. We are committed to ensuring that participation of children and young people in society and their successful education does not depend on their social background.

International and intercultural understanding

We stand for an open, tolerant and fair society, which we help to develop on various levels for the benefit of all. The basis for this is intercultural exchange, which enables young people to experience each other’s cultures and ways of life, because after all, communication encourages interest and mutual understanding, and ultimately even prevents conflicts.

The priorities of the RWE Foundation are:

Supporting children and youth projects

Supporting education, vocational and professional training including support for students

Promoting civic engagement for the benefit of not-for-profit and charitable causes

Promoting charitable causes, especially supporting victims of natural disasters, providing emergency aid and support for rebuilding regions and countries after natural disasters or wars