Funding principles & applications

Funding principles

For the selection of eligible projects, framework conditions are defined in the funding guideline, essentially:

  • Projects to be funded must comply with one of the RWE Foundation's statutory purposes. The focus is on the promotion of children and young people
    • Promotion of equal opportunities for disadvantaged
    • International and inter-cultural understanding
  • Only non-profit and charitable organisations or purposes within the meaning of the section "Tax-privileged purposes" of the German Tax Code (§§ 51 ff. AO) are funded. 
  • The following are not promoted 
    • party political and religious organisations or activities
    • Individuals. 
  • The project to be funded must be based on a long-term concept. If possible, the project should not be fully financed by the RWE Foundation alone, whereby own contributions should not be based on cash funds only.
  • The funding period shall be limited. 
  • The projects to be funded should preferably be actions with a multiplier effect. 
  • The aim is to focus on forward-looking, exemplary and sustainable projects.
  • Projects in Europe are to be promoted. 
  • In principle, only projects with a value of at least 20,000.00 euros will be funded.
  • Funds exceeding 50,000.00 euros require the approval of the advisory board. The advisory board meetings take place twice a year (for planning purposes in November and May).
  • In the event of a positive decision on an application, the granting of funds requires a separate agreement for funding/cooperation between the RWE Foundation and the applicant, in which rights and obligations are agreed on by both parties.

Funding applications

We kindly ask you to send your funding application including attachments to the following e-mail address: If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at +49 201 5179-8888.

Applications for funding can be submitted throughout the year.

To hand in your funding application, please download the following file and open it with the “Acrobat PDF Reader” by Adobe:

Accessible funding application